5 Ways To Apply What You Read

Reading is one of the fundamental aspects of personal growth. There are very few successful people who don’t read.

Reading allows you to expose yourself to information that you may not have been unaware of. Books are like windows that allow us to see into the minds of other people. Through these windows we get a glimpse at these people’s personal experiences and life lessons.

Damn! That was deep.

When we absorb and apply the information we gain from others, it helps us evolve into a better version of ourselves.

However, if we read without applying what we read then no growth occurs and our efforts become arbitrary.

How Apply What You Read

Here are 5 tips on how you can apply the things you read

1. Read With A Highlighter

I usually read a book twice. The first time through I read the whole book and highlight things that I find interesting. I also highlight chapter titles in the table of contents to indicate where I’ve made highlights in the book. The second time through I just read the sections that I highlighted. I do this because these are the parts that I found most valuable to me. I’m more likely to retain these tidbits of information than the entire book.

2. Visualize The Application

This next tip sounds silly when you say it out loud but it’s actually works. When you find an important piece of information you think can have an impact on your life, try to imagine yourself actually doing that thing. Everything that we create starts off as an idea or thought before it becomes  reality. The same is true for any behaviors or attitude you wish to adopt.

3. Baby Steps

Another silly one. But again this step works just as well as the last one. You must be practical If you’re looking to apply the things you read into your daily life. Starting small or starting slow is better than not starting at all. Taking small steps allows you to build momentum. Pick one thing you’ve read that you would like to implement into your life. Visualize yourself doing that thing. Imagine when, where, and how you’ll do that thing. Then execute. But start small. Pick something that you  are confident that you’ll be able to do.

4. Forgive Yourself For Lapses

Don’t beat yourself up if you fail to consistently maintain this new behavior or attitude. Failure is to be expected. Admit when you’ve fallen off the wagon. Dust yourself off, refocus and start over. The more you go through this process the more confident you’ll be in your ability to succeed.

5. Repeat The Process

The more you apply the things you read the better you get at it. The application process is one of trail and error. You will stumble and slip-up along the way, however if you are patient with yourself then you will surely succeed.


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